• The Java Rabbit Engine: An open-source, OpenGL-based Java 2D game engine.
  • Micron: A small game demonstrating the power of JRabbit. Randomly generated shooter fun awaits.
  • Writer: A simplistic text editor that allows for tabbed editing, skinned look and feel, and more.
  • Pong – Evolution: A very simple project, made in homage to the first major video game.
  • Mind’s Eye Games LWJGL Wrapper: A small library that makes developing with LWJGL incredibly simple and portable.
  • Convection: A small Game Boy Advance game created as a final project for school. Bullet-hell chaos awaits.
  • Alive: A minimalist zombie survival shooter. Be trapped in small concrete rooms and face off unlimited zombies from a top-down perspective!


  • (to be announced)